Service Standards

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Blueprint North implements the value of “integrity” throughout each and every client experience. Beginning with first interaction with potential clients, our team is committed to identifying true needs through asking the right questions and establishing clear communication of goals. At Blueprint North, our word is our bond meaning if we say we’re going to something, we do it! We honor our company and clients with consistent follow through from the beginning to end of the construction process.


Successful construction projects need professional planning to acquire and organize the necessary details; resulting in a win-win for the project. Each new venture is established with a proposal or bid. The Blueprint North team identifies (with the assistance of the client) the scope of work to be completed, outlines the process, and estimates cost for all facets. Coordination with clients, material vendors, and construction laborers is conducted in an efficient and professional manner. Logistics is key to the success of any mission.

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We employ and select construction industry professionals who understand the terms responsibility, quality, and trust. Throughout the process, the Blueprint North team works together to ensure all aspects of the projects assume the “build it to the best, as if it were our own.” This attitude is encouraged among team members and promotes quality in all we do. Consistent, timely, and professional attention to detail has built trust with all our clients.


A major difference you will discover with Blueprint North is our dedication to service. We employ the Golden Rule, treating others as we would like to be treated. Effective communication with clients and employees is an essential element of this service commitment. It is a necessity to be reliable in delivering quality projects in a timely manner. Blueprint North wants your repeat/referral business, and will deliver professional quality service to earn that business and trust.


We encourage you to experience the difference at Blueprint North. One of our team members will meet with you and exchange information to identify your needs and see what we can provide as a finished product/service. The methods employed by us are proven in the field. From proposal to delivery of product and service, your expectations will be met.